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Thread Subscriptions and Private Forums Now Available
by: bvstone

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Thread Subscriptions and Private Forums Now Available

Thread Subscriptions and Private Forums Now Available

To better serve our customers and visitors of Field Exit we have added 2 new features to the site:

Private Forums
Private forums allow us to set up and assigned forums to only certain users on the site.  This means that if we need to work with a customer we can set things up so only ourselves and the customer can see or post to the forums.  This does not mean that we always need to be part of the forum, though.  We would be happy to set up a private forum for someone else besides ourselves.

When a post is made on a Private Forum all members will receive a notification of that post (except the author).

Thread Subscriptions
This is a feature that most discussion sites have.  We weren't going to add it at first as it could cause a LOT of emails going around.  But, we thought it would go well with the private forums to be alerted when a new post is made.  We have also updated the User CP so that you can set a default for subscriptions for posts you make.  Just sign on, click on your user id in the top right of the site and you can set the default for thread subscriptions.

I hope these additions make the site more usable and friendly.  And just another use for our MAILTOOL Product.  Thanks!


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