Clearing the Air on the Spooled File Tools (SPLTOOL) and the "Batch" Commands


Clearing the Air on the Spooled File Tools (SPLTOOL) and the

If you're a customer using SPLTOOL for document management such as converting spooled files to PDF, text, HTML, or RTF you have probably run across the "Batch" Commands such as SPL2EMAILB, SPL2STMF, and SPL2FTPB.

We've come to realize there may be a little confusion as to when and how to use these commands.  

Because the IBM i uses a term "Batch" for a job that is submitted, or, for a lack of a better description, is not Interactive, this can be confusing.

The "Batch" Commands in SPLTOOL are not for use only in a Batch (non-Interactive) environment.  Instead, the "batch" refers to the fact that they can convert one or more (a "batch") of spooled files.

When you know you want to convert one or more spooled files and want to provide wildcards for job name, user name, output queue, or a host of other criteria, this is when you would use the "Batch" commands.

If you are converting one and only one spooled file then you should use the basic commands (SPL2EMAIL, SPL2STMF, SPL2FTP).

We hope this clears up the air some!  As always, feel free to contact us at BVSTools with any questions.

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