New Draft Feature for New Posts


New Draft Feature for New Posts

We have just added a new feature that will save a draft of a new post that you are creating.

Sometimes we have big posts that we work on and the "back" key sometimes gets in the way removing all the hard work we did.

So, when posting a new message you'll see two new features:

  1. The "Save Draft" button.  Clicking this will save a draft of your message.  It will not post it and make it available.  That's still the job of the "Post Topic" button.
  2. The board will also automatically save a draft of your message every 10 seconds.  Right above the Post and Save buttons will be a small dialogue that will let you know if the draft is saving, or has been saved (or an error occured).

Also, if you view your User Control Panel by clicking on your User ID at the top right of the page you'll see a link to your drafts.  From this list you can delete a draft or continue to edit it.

The draft will remain available until you delete it or post the topic.

Note that when editing a message that already exists the draft feature does not exist.

Let us know if you have any questions.  Thanks again!

- The Field Exit Team


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