How to Determine Your Software Version


How to Determine Your Software Version

In order to provide support, we normally ask for the version of our software that you are running.  

There are TWO methods to determine your version depending on how up to date your software is.  If the first option fails, please try the second option:

Option 1: For Newer Versions

For newer versions of our software the version is stored in a data area in the tool's library.  The name of the data area is the name of the tool plus the letter "V".


  • For Spooled File Tools (SPLTOOL) - SPLTOOL/SPLTOOLV
  • For GreenTools for Google Apps (G4G) - G4G/G4GV

Use the Display Data Area (DSPDTAARA) command to display the version value:


Option 2: For Older Versions

In older versions of our software the version was in the help text.  To find it, simply prompt the command name (ie, SPLTOOL, MAILTOOL, AFPTOOL, GETURI, etc).  When the command is prompted, move our cursor to the top line of the command display where the tool name is and press your F1 or Help Key.  This should display the version if Option 1 did not work.

Option 3: There is no Version!

If you tried the above options and did not find a version then it is very possible your version of our software is SO old that it didn't have a version.  In this case, you should update to the latest version at your earliest convenience.

At BVSTools we do only support the latest version, and if your copy of the software doesn't even have a version that means it's at least 15 years old!  While that says a lot of quality, it's hard to support and keeping up to date is the best option.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions. 



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