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Installing node.js


Installing node.js

Installing node.js

The first step of course is to install the node.js product.

I know I've seen pages that deal with this, and the first one I found was the following:

It seemed to be pretty inclusive, including how to connect to your IBM i database as well as run commands.   What else could someone want?  

I rummaged through my DVDs and CDs that came with our machine and found the 5733OPS disc and stuck it in the optical drive of our 41A machine.  I then installed the licensed program and all the options:

  • Take option 11
  • On the top line, enter "1" for the Option, Enter 5733OPS for the Licensed Program, and *ALL for the Product Option. Press your Enter key twice and things should start installing.

Next is to install the required PTFs.  Never fun, especially if you're not a operations/hardware guy like me.  I actually spent 3 hours trying to figure out why my PTFs weren't applying (after countless IPLs) only to realize I was booting to the "A" side instead of the "B" side.  New hardware... so much fun!

I then continued following the instructions in the above page and everything seemed to look fine.

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