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QSECOFR Account Locked


QSECOFR Account Locked

Good Morning,

On one of our AS400 systems, the QSECOFR account is locked after a user typed in the wrong password 3 times. Being completely new to this system, I do not have another administrative account to use to re-enable/unlock the account. Is there a way to do this from one of the other non-admin accounts? I need that account unlocked in order to perform our daily backups.


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RE: QSECOFR Account Locked


RE: QSECOFR Account Locked

Hi, Chad.

A quick search brought up this link:

It appears if you have a console connected and know the password you should be able to sign on from the console.

Otherwise if you don't know the password I would contact IBM for support.  I'm sure there's some convoluted way to reset the QSECOFR ID using the panel or something.  

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