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GreenTools for Google Apps (G4G) G4GGMAIL (GMail Addon) Update
by: bvstone

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GreenTools for Google Apps (G4G) G4GGMAIL (GMail Addon) Update

GreenTools for Google Apps (G4G) G4GGMAIL (GMail Addon) Update

Recently we made some updates to our GreenTools for Google Apps (G4G) application and the G4GGMAIL addon.  

The major change is the addition of a Maximum Part Size parameter to List Gmail Message (G4GLSTMM) command.  This allows you to limit the size of the parts/attachments/images that are downloaded.  The default is 0 which means "System max" which currently is 16meg.  Specify a value (in bytes) for a maximum.

We also added the max_part_size settable variable to the F.G4GMAIL subprocedure.  This does the same as the new parameter mentioned earlier.

We have also added an error code (GGMPERR, 10 byte character) to file G4GMPPF.   This will be used to store error codes if there is an issue or limit for the part.  Right now the only value that will be placed here will be SIZE_LIMIT if a specific email part is larger than the Maximum size specified.

One thing to note is the size of the object reported by Google is it's size when it's base64 encoded which is about 1.4 times larger than the actual size.  When we store the object in the IFS we do have to decode it.   We can't get the actual size of the object decoded without downloading it.  So, when specifying a maximum size you may want to take this into consideration.


File Size: 5579522
Size reported by Google: 7635136 

You can find more details in the G4G documentation.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, issues or updates you want to see to any of our software offerings!  Thanks for your continued support!


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