BVSTools Releases LSTFFD and SCNMSGF as Open Source


BVSTools Releases LSTFFD and SCNMSGF as Open Source

BVSTools recently released two of their most popular software offerings as open source at Bitbucket.

  • List File Field Descriptions (LSTFFD) - The first and most popular tool we created over 20 years ago.  List file field descriptions, view database relations and triggers and more.  We personally use this every day ourselves!
  • Scan Message File (SCNMSGF) - Another very popular tool that allows you to search a message file for specific messages.  Search using a string and instantly find the message ID that you need, or find out if you need to add a new message

You can view these and future open source projects from BVSTools at this link:

The save files containing the objects only are also on the BitBucket site, as well as our own site.


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