BVSTools Software Version Updates are Free 99.9999% of the Time


BVSTools Software Version Updates are Free 99.9999% of the Time

We often find customers running older versions of our software.  We always suggest staying as current as possible, and we understand interrupting production with a new software version can be a little unnerving.  But, we would like to remind all of our customers that 99.9999% of the time our software version updates are free.


We don't think it's fair to charge for bug fixes, mainly.  Also, most of the added and updated functionality and new features are great ideas that come from our customers!

For all updates we try (and have succeeded) to keep any previous functionality intact.  This means if we add a new command, parameter, or feature, any of the applications already running shouldn't change.  And if they do, it will be noted in the release notes.

We also have added easy to use update functions to SPLTOOL, MAILTOOL, G4G, G4MS, and G4SLK.  As other software versions are updated we hope to add these easy update commands as well.

What about that 0.0001% of the time that we would charge for an update?  Well, that's happened once in 20 years.  And it was the birth of MAILTOOL Plus.  MAILTOOL Plus took many hours of research and development and added a lot of new functionality to MAILTOOL and in this case, we simply made the feature require a separate license.

So, again we encourage our customers to download the latest versions, read the release notes and update when you can.  If for some reason your software library is locked because it's in the library list of many jobs, we also have put together this Alternative Software Update article that should help tremendously.


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