JSONTOOL with Multi-Language Support Now Available


JSONTOOL with Multi-Language Support Now Available

It was inevitable, but because of the popularity of our JSONTOOL and other tools that use it (ie, MAILTOOL) we have updated JSONTOOL (as well as the MAILTOOL JSON configuration file functionality) to support Multi-Langauge.

Because of this, a new subprocedure has been added to the F.JSON service program.  This new subprocedure is named #js_init().  As of now it accepts no parameters and returns nothing.  This may change in the future, but right now all it does is set up the environment for the Code Page/CCSID that the job is running in.  If your jobs run with a CCSID of 37, calling this isn't necessary, but in the future more initialization routines may be added, so it's a good idea to add it now.  

Here's an updated example:

       JSONData = '{"name":"Brad", "age":"43", "favoriteShow":"Top Gear"}';
       #js_init(); //initializes the parser for your job CCSID

       name = #js_getData(JSONData:'name'); // returns "Brad"
       age= #js_getData(JSONData:'age'); // returns "43"
       favShow = #js_getData(JSONData:'favoriteShow'); // returns "Top Gear"  

So as you can see, all we needed to add was a call to #js_init() before parsing any data.  This will ensure the parser is set up with the proper CCSID page for parsing your data.

The latest version is v1.10 and can be downloaded from

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