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replace a "// file-name" with OVRDBF
by: smintz

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replace a "// file-name" with OVRDBF

replace a

I have some old OCL pgms that have a statement "FILE NAME-TRANS,LABEL-B-TRANS,EXTEND-1000"

I'd like to replace these with CL's with an OVRDBF statement, But in CL. I can't use the "extend" and I can't affords to get a file full error

Is there a way to do this in CL?



RE: replace a

RE: replace a

If you check the Change Physical File (CHGPF) command (not OVRDBF) You'll see these options:

 Member size:                     SIZE                      
  Initial number of records  . .                *SAME      
  Increment number of records  .                *SAME      
  Maximum increments . . . . . .                *SAME        

I believe this may be what you're looking for.  But I haven't use OCL i YEARS and when I did it was very little.  The value *NOMAX can be used for initial number of records.  Whether you use it or not is up to your shop rules.

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RE: RE: replace a

RE: RE: replace a

Thanks so much.  I tried it, but , got the message that I was afraid of since the file is in constant use.

It looks like I'll have to find somewhere in the nightly processing that I might get a lock on it.

The only problem is that the original programmer loved to SBM all the jobs, she hated any interactive.

"File TTRANS in library QS36F in use"

As I get the luxury of time(haha) I'm trying to convert all the old OCL's and RPT36's to CLP and RPGLE


Thanks again



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