JOBWATCH 5.0 Released Which Allows Monitoring of Message Queues, Trimming of Replacement Data


JOBWATCH 5.0 Released Which Allows Monitoring of Message Queues, Trimming of Replacement Data

BVSTools has released Job Watch (JOBWATCH) v5.0 that along with already allowing you to monitor for specific job states (such as MSGW), monitoring the number of specific jobs that are running as well as watching out of long running jobs, now allows you to monitor message queues.

This new feature requires V7R2 or higher and uses new feature included in V7R2 and a technology update to set up monitors for specific message queues, message IDs, users, message severity, etc.

As with the other existing JOBWATCH features you are able to call any program or command using replacement data for the job/message/message queue as parameters using replacement variables.

Also with this update, each command/program action has been updated with a TRIM feature that allows you to tell JOBWATCH to trim the replacement data of trailing blanks or not.  This is very useful is cases where you are calling a command vs a program.  When calling a command trimming the data (which is what JOBWATCH did as a default in previous versions) worked fine.  But, when calling programs with any replacement data/paramters that may be longer than 32 bytes possibly causes issues with data corruption.  By setting these calls without trimming the data the parameter data will remain intact.

Finally, the debug feature was updated to produce a debug file in the IFS instead of a spooled file.  The default name of the file is /tmp/jobwatchdebug.txt.

An extra article that includes how to use the new message queue monitoring feature can be found here.

JOBWATCH documentation can be found by clicking on this link.

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