What to Do If Your License Keys Don't Work


What to Do If Your License Keys Don't Work

Sometimes you will run across a situation where your new license keys seem to stop your BVSTools software from functioning.  In that case, please double check the following things:

  1. Make sure when you're entering the keys you're using copy and paste from the email you received.  It's sometimes hard to distinguish the letter O from the number 0, as well as other items.
  2. Make sure you're applying keys for the appropriate partition.  Use the DSPMCHINF command in the tool's library to verify the partition information against the partition information for the key in the email you received.
  3. If you get a message saying the DATEKEY parameter is invalid while applying a key that means your software is out of date and unsupported.  Updates are free for licensed partitions.  Please update your software versions.  You can download the latest versions from our website at by selecting Software Solutions and then selecting the specific software you wish to update.  You can also check what version you are currently on by following the directions for finding your version in the FAQ at
  4. If you are up to date on versions you should be able to use the REGCHECK command to verify the keys.  Ie ... REGCHECK TOOL(SPLTOOL)Note, you need to specify the tool name on the REGCHECK command!
  5. Make sure for MAILTOOL and MAILTOOL Plus that you are entering both keys (ie, MAILTOOL and MAILTOOLP).
  6. If after all this things still don't work, check the authority to the data area(s) that contain the key information in library QGPL.  They should have at LEAST *USE authority for *PUBLIC. 
    The data areas are named <tool> and <tool>D. 

    For example, for SPLTOOL you would look for data areas in library QGPL named SPLTOOL and SPLTOOLD.  For MAILTOOL that would be MAILTOOL and MAILTOOLD.  For MAILTOOL Plus, it would be MAILTOOLP and MAILTOOLPD.
  7. If you are using data replication between systems, make sure you are omitting the data areas in QGPL explained above so that the license keys from one system are not replicated to the system having the license issue.

Finally, if all else fails, please feel free to get a temp key from our web site to apply.  Just go to and select the Quick Key option.  And please forward us the information from the DSPMCHINF command on the partition(s) you are having issues, a job log showing the errors you are receiving and the software titles you are having issues with.

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