Removing Trailing Carriage Returns and/or Line Feeds from a String with RPG


Removing Trailing Carriage Returns and/or Line Feeds from a String with RPG

I have an in house application that reads information from a web screen using RPG.  A couple fields are using Text Areas in the HTML, and for some reason I was getting extra carriage return and line feed characters in the text.

After debugging the program, I assumed they were just coming from reading the web page itself.  So I wanted to strip them off.  But, they were coming in as:


So, if you hit enter at the end of the text, you would get a CRLF followed by another LF.  

There are also places in this text where I do want to retain the CRLF in the text, but not at the end as when displaying the information it adds extra whitespace to the display.

My first thought was use the %trimr BIF specifying a character of x'0D25' to trim.  But this didn't work since in all actuality the last trailing characters are blanks, then CRLF/LF characters before the blanks.  Similar to this:

This is a string[CRLF][LF][Blanks......]

So I thought, if I trim the blanks, then the LFs, then the CRLFs, all in one embedded statement, things should work out fine.  What I ended up with was this:

DATA = %trimr(%trimr(%trimr(DATA):x'25'):x'0D25');  

This not only takes care of any CRLFLF strings that are added when Enter is pressed onces, but if the user also presses enter more than once it will also remove any extra trailing CRLFs that are added before the last LF.

Once I knew this worked in my processing program, I wrote a simple program to read through all the records and remove any remaining CRLF/LF trailing data and my OCD was happy again not to have extra white space at the end of the records displayed in my online application!

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