BVSTools Offers Toolset to Work With HubSpot OAuth 2.0 APIs On Your IBM i


BVSTools Offers Toolset to Work With HubSpot OAuth 2.0 APIs On Your IBM i

UPDATE (1/30/2019):

Functionality has been added to retrieve contact IDs as well as sent an Engagement Note


UPDATE (2/10/2019):

Functionality has been added to use the Single Send EMail API 


BVSTools is now offering a tool set allowing users to easily interact with HubSpot APIs and the OAuth 2.0 interface.

The new addition is part of the GreenTools Suite of products and is called GreenTools for Hubspot (G4HS).

Unlike previous GreenTools offerings, GreenTools for HubSpot (G4HS) includes source and objects for the functions.

Currently the product includes a web interface the following:

  • Set up OAuth 2.0 Tokens for HubSpot users, assigning specific scopes to each individual user.
  • List HubSpot Users with the option to remove the user, or force a token refresh
  • A callback URL that is assigned for generation of an OAuth 2.0 token  

Once a user is set up, calls to HubSpot APIs can be made, automatically refreshing the OAuth 2.0 tokens, and passing token information along in the request with ease.

Requirements for GreenTools for HubSpot currently are as follows:

  • GETURI v8.31 or higher (objects included in the G4HS package)
  • YAJL
  • CGIDEV2 (if you are using the eRPG SDK, we can also make a version for that)
  • IBM i OS V7R2 or higher
  • A Powered by Apache HTTP server set up and using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).  This is something we can offer to help set up and is required for OAuth 2.0 set up with HubSpot.

Support is offered for G4HS at an hourly rate.  A license for GETURI is also required.  It is not required to use GETURI for HubSpot API calls that you yourself create, but the option is there since GETURI is packaged with G4HS.

Sample screenshots of interface are as follows:

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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