G4MS Updated to v7.10 - Required Update for All G4MS Users


G4MS Updated to v7.10 - Required Update for All G4MS Users

G4MS has been updated to v7.10 and includes updates that are required for the functions to continue working.

Microsoft updated the size of their tokens recently and we had to increase the size of the storage for the tokens.  Without this update you will receive errors that the token is invalid because the token being used isn't the entire token.

Once the latest version is installed, you will want to use the G4MSREGSVC to re-register any users and services you are currently using so that the new token and token sizes will be properly updated.  Be sure to specify REDO(*YES) on the G4MSREGSVC command to tell G4MS that you are redoing the registration.  If not, the command will not execute.

You can download the latest version of G4MS from

Thank you.

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