How to Correctly Send the Display Machine Information (DSPMCHINF) Data to BVSTools for Key Generation


How to Correctly Send the Display Machine Information (DSPMCHINF) Data to BVSTools for Key Generation

We deal with a lot of customers per day.  Because of that, our time is very valuable.  

When we request information from you to generate license keys, it comes from the Display Machine Information (DSPMCHINF) command that is bundled with our software.  We use this information to generate license keys that are unique to your partition and software title.

We almost always try to remember to ask for this information and specify to send it as text copied and pasted from the screen, not an image or screen capture.  But, it seems that goes unheard a lot of the time and screen captures are what we get most often.

The reason we don't like screen captures is because we then need to key the information into our key generation software, which of course, introduces the possibility of error.  On the other hand, if we get the information copied and pasted from the screen, then we can copy and paste the text into our key generation software greatly reducing the chance of error.

If you are using Access Client Solutions (ACS) for your 5250 emulation, or even the older Client Access software, then copying and pasting from the screen is as easy as:

  1. Displaying the information using the DSPMCHINF command.
  2. Placing your mouse pointer at the top left hand corner of the screen
  3. Holding down the left mouse button and dragging to the lower right hand corner.  This should create a selection box on the information.
  4. Using the Edit--->Copy (Ctl-C on ACS) action once the selection box contains all the information on the screen.
  5. Open an email to us and use Paste (Ctl-P) to past the information into an email.

Using this method will greatly cut down on keying errors and possible downtime because of invalid license keys.

Thank you!




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