JOBWATCH 5.10 Released with New Feature to Monitor CPU Percentages


JOBWATCH 5.10 Released with New Feature to Monitor CPU Percentages

JOBWATCH v5.10 was just released which adds a new feature allowing you to monitor your system for jobs that may go over a set CPU percentage.

When using the debug option in JOBWATCH, the job with the highest CPU will also be reported in the log, similar to this:

2021-05-09 19.55.42 Job QPADEV0002 user BVSTONE number 440870 had the highest CPU usage at 14.95%.

Adding a new CPU watch is as simple as adding a new entry in the Job Watch Job Status Maintenance screen (from the JOBWATCHCF command).

Instead of adding a status to monitor (such as MSGW), enter *CXX where XX is a CPU percentage that you want to trigger your command to run.  For example using *C50 will monitor for jobs with a CPU percentage of 50% or higher and execute the related command for that entry if that threshold is reached.

On the first iteration of JOBWATCH the CPU percentages are all reset to zero, so this particular monitor won't actually take place until the second iteration.  Additionally, every 20 iterations the job CPU percentages are reset so that if there are any jobs that have ended in the CPU watch list they will be automatically removed.  We are also thinking of making this reset configurable if requested.

You can find more information in the JOBWATCH documentation.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions!


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