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Updating to the Latest Version of our Software
by: bvstone

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Updating to the Latest Version of our Software

Updating to the Latest Version of our Software

We've had a few questions lately from customer that we would like to address.

That question is "Can I upgrade to the latest version of our software without a charge?"

The answer is, in most cases, "Yes!"

We encourage our customers to stay current on our software versions.  We are constantly adding new features and fixing bugs.  With thousands of sites running our software in different environments we feel the latest version is going to be the most stable because of it's extensive use.

There are rare cases where upgrading would mean a small charge.  For example, if you are using the SPLTOOL software from years ago (over 15!) we used to package a separate library named SPL2EMAIL that allowed you to send a spooled file as an email.  Because of that we also had users ask if they could send emails without spooled files as an attachment.  Because of that, MAILTOOL was born.  Not wanting to support 2 email products we updated SPLTOOL to use the MAILTOOL software in the background to send emails.  This keeps things cleaner, easier to maintain, and gives us more time to assist you, the customer.

If you are using one of those very old versions of SPLTOOL with the SPL2EMAIL library, if you want to keep using the same SPL2EMAIL command (which is now part of the SPLTOOL library) you will be required to install MAILTOOL if you haven't already to keep the functionality working as it was in the past.

So, if you're questioning upgrading to the latest version, please do!  Upgrade instructions as well as version dependencies are listed in each of the readme.txt download files included with the download.

And as always, feel free to contact us with any questions.


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