Have You Installed a New Version of MAILTOOL and Now Things Are Acting Different? Check the Command Defaults!


Have You Installed a New Version of MAILTOOL and Now Things Are Acting Different?  Check the Command Defaults!

I have had a few customers in the past few months update to the latest versions of MAILTOOL and SPLTOOL.  After the update they are reporting that the command isn't working, or working differently than before (such as attachments are split, emails not being received by all recipients, etc).

In 99% of these cases it's because when the new version was installed, any updated command defaults on the MAILTOOL, SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB commands were not updated on the new version.

See this article on setting the command defaults and how they are normally changed to use MAILTOOL Plus and bypass the IBM SMTP server, making sending emails from your IBM i much easier, especially with cloud services such as GMail and Office 365.

At the end of the update instructions it states that you should make sure to check the old defaults with the new defaults.  Luckily the update process has you rename the current library and restore the new one.  This is mainly so that if you ever need to switch back to the old version it should be as easy as renaming the libraries.  But, this also allows you to prompt the commands in question (such as MAILTOOL) and compare the defaults on the old and new versions.

The process is simple:

  1. In session 1, add the OLD MAILTOOL (or SPLTOOL) library to the top of the library list (making sure it's above the NEW one).  Prompt the MAILTOOL command and press F9 to view all available parameters.
  2. In session 2, do the same, but making sure the NEW version is above the OLD version.
  3. Scroll though the parameters and check for any defaults that may have been changed.  Pay specific attention to the following parameters:
  • CONFIG - The Configuration File used when sending the email, if any.
  • MAILRTR - The Mail Router to use if SENDWITH is set to MAILTOOL.
  • USERTR - This should be *ONLY when sending with MAILTOOL.
  • AUTHUSER - If using MAILTOOL to send, and your mail router requires authentication, this should be the user id.
  • AUTHPW - Same as above, this would be the password.  But, since this is a password parameter it will not show up and will appear to be blanks.  The default can still be changed.

Once these are all set properly, things should function as they did before.

Tip: We always suggest using a configuration file.  This means that only one default value will need to be updated.


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