GreenTools for Microsoft Apps (G4MS) Groups Admin Authority Instructions


GreenTools for Microsoft Apps (G4MS) Groups Admin Authority Instructions

With the release of v9.11 of GreenTools for Microsoft Apps (G4MS), if you want to grant authority to use the new Groups functions (allowing the use of group/shared drives) you may find yourself getting the following error after registering a service and specifying to include Groups:

"Insufficient privileges to complete the operation."

In this case, you or your Office 365 administrator will need to grant access to the G4MS application.  Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your MS Azure portal with an admin account at
  2. Select the "Enterprise Applications" option.
  3. In the menu to the left, select "All Applications".
  4. Find the G4MS App and select it.
  5. In the left menu under the Security heading, select Permissions.
  6. Click the "Grant Admin Consent for BVSTools" button.  
  7. This will open a new signon into your Office 365 account.  Log in with the proper credentials.
  8. You will be asked to confirm the permissions requested.  Double check that "Read and write all groups" is in the list.and select "Accept".

You now should be able to specify a Group ID or Group Name using G4MS.



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