BVSTools Releases Send Job Log to BVSTools (SNDLOG2BVS) Command


BVSTools Releases Send Job Log to BVSTools (SNDLOG2BVS) Command

Over the years it has become pretty obvious that not a lot of our customers are familiar with how to get a job log to us.  So, in order to make our job easier, we want to make yours easier as well.

We have just released a new application which is available free of charge named Send Job Log to BVSTools (SNDLOG2BVS) which you can use on a command line or inline with any of your jobs where you may be asking you to capture a job log.

How easy is it to use?

Let's say you have a batch job that is running one of our pieces of software and we are asking for a job log.  Simply add the following 2 lines of code to your program:


When your program reaches this point it will create a job log for the current job, convert it to a text file and send it off to our servers on the internet.  Just let us know what you specified for the ID parmeter so we are able to find it.  This can be any alphanumeric sequence, but it would be best if it was your company name or something we can easily identify.

Feel free to add any MONMSG commands that you want as well.

What Options are Available on the Command?

Right now the other options include sending non-SSL (in the rare instance you may need this), specifying full job parameters (job name, user name and job number), and even a DEBUG parameter that we can look at in case, for some reason, the log doesn't get to us.

Where Does it Send the Job Log?

It will send the job log to our web server.

What if the Job Log is Huge?

Well, hopefully it won't be too large, and in the case of an interactive job you will start a new job, recreate the problem, and send us the info using this command to keep it as small as possible.  If it is a batch job that may create many hundreds of pages of job log, try to shave out just the part you need so we can see what's going on mainly with our software.

Will it Send A Spooled File That is Already Created?

No.  Maybe in the future, but in most cases when we are helping you debug we will have you recreate the error and send a job log (as well as other information depending on what software you're using).

Do I Need to License GETURI to Use This?

No.  We added a check to it so that if the request made is going to one of our servers it will not require licensing.

What if I Already Have GETURI Installed?

That should be no issue.  In this application we were sure to make sure to "hard code" it to use the version in the SNDLOG2BVS library.

Where Can I Download SNDLOG2BVS?

This command can be downloaded from the Send Job Log to BVSTools (SNDLOG2BVS) page on our website.

As always, if there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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