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QuickBooks Online Releases "New Invoices!"... and It's Terrible!


QuickBooks Online Releases

October 2023 Intuit released their "newly designed invoices" to everyone and I'm sure it will be a big hit!  Not.

So far, here are the issues I have run into:

  1. No more subtotals.  That's right, you can't put subtotals on an invoice or estimate!  How convenient! (heavy sarcasm)
  2. No editing of Bill To or Ship To information on the invoice.  Yes, that's right, you're locked into using what the customers is set up as.  I don't know about you, but I have many customers where the Bill To is a vendor, and the Ship to is their customer.  So that means for one customer I will have many different Ship To Addresses.  You can change the customer info but the Bill To name stays on the invoice under Ship To.  I guess QBO doesn't want us to have that flexibility anymore. 
  3. The default action for an invoice is always Review and Send.  Even if you always just save as PDF and email it another way, you will ALWAYS have to switch the selection.
  4. Downloading PDF invoices and estimates no longer defaults to the invoice number or estimate number.  When you used to save it would default the file name to "Invoice 1022232.pdf" or something like that.  Now it's some random number.  Nothing better than making MORE work for your customers!
  5. When entering line items, the item description doesn't show up in the list to select from.  So, if you have many complicated item  numbers, and can't see the description, you are dead in the water unless you have memorized all of your item numbers!
  6. If you use a line item as a description or note, there is NO WAY to remove the 0.00 amount from the price column.  Before you could delete it... now it always is there when printed/downloaded.
  7. You still can't put blank lines on an invoice.  They are removed when printed/downloaded.

I will add more as I find them, and I'm sure I will.

Now, it's fairly obvious with this "major update" Intuit is trying to get you to use their billing/invoicing system so they can generate more income charging fees for processing payments (Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, etc).  And of course those of us that reluctantly moved from QuickBooks Desktop to QBO are still dreading it, even if there are (well, were) a couple nice things about it.

Wake up, Intuit.  It's almost like you take zero input from customers who actually use your product and are working to make it so "foolproof" it's unusable in some situations.

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RE: QuickBooks Online Releases "New Invoices!"... and It's Terrible!


RE: QuickBooks Online Releases

I have just talked with Quickbooks Online customer service about a problem that I have.  I can not save invoices or estimates with their 2023 update. They have no solution. I am using a mac with safari also tried saving on an iPad no luck.

Have you had any one else with this problem?

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RE: RE: QuickBooks Online Releases "New Invoices!"... and It's Terrible!


RE: RE: QuickBooks Online Releases

I haven't had that problem, but after being on the "new" invoices for a while suddenly I'm swiched back to the old invoices.  There's a link to switch to new, but when I click it, I am automatically put back into the old style invoices.

I'm not complaining.  The old was better.  

I posted on their forum and they said "try incognito mode".  I think they pulled the plug on new invoices, at least for some customers.  :)  

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