BVSTools Price Increases for 2025


BVSTools Price Increases for 2025

In January 2025 BVSTools will be increasing their software prices.  

In order to be transparent we are letting customer know a few months ahead of time in case anyone will need a quote for future budgets in 2025 and beyond.

Right now the prices are 1.19 cents a day for the majority of software titles.  Beginning in January 2025, as of now and depending on where and how fast inflation continues to climb, we are estimating that this will go up to $1.29 a day, an increase of about $37 dollars a year per title.  We feel that this is still a very low price and easily competitive with the industry prices and will help us continue to be able to offer the excellent software, support and updates that most of you expect from BVSTools.

As for consulting, currently we are charging $185 an hour and this remain the same. We will also continue billing for support that is related to systems operations and not our software.  For example, library list manipulation, job log creation, troubleshooting, etc.  These instances will be billed at a minimum of 1 hour for each instance via phone or email contact.

Of course, we also still allow customer to purchase licenses for up to 3 years in advance, so that is also an option if you wish to renew before the coming new year.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your loyal support of BVSTools!


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