We're open for business!


We're open for business!

We looked all over for a great forum that would be free, wouldn't bombard us with advertising, and was easy to use.

Nothing made us happy.  

So, we decided to create our own forum to show just what we can do with RPG and the AS/400, er... IBM i.

Years ago (over 10) we had written some forum software we called GreenBoard.  Well, we decided to start from scratch and we came up with this, which we are calling GreenBoard(v2).  We hope to get posts together that shows how this technology works.

This entire site and forum (and soon to be blogs!) now runs on an IBM i and uses strickly the eRPG SDK, which means RPG for the CGI.  It also utilizes open source projects like jQuery, CKEditor and more.

We hope that you'll join and contribute to this site!


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