Setting up MAILTOOL and GreenTools for Microsoft Apps (G4MS) to Send Email with Office 365 from your IBM i


Setting up MAILTOOL and GreenTools for Microsoft Apps (G4MS) to Send Email with Office 365 from your IBM i

Following are instructions on how you can set up MAILTOOL to send emails using your Office 365 account from your IBM i.  This requires the following:

  1. MAILTOOL v10.20 or higher
  2. G4MS v3.10 or higher
  3. GETURI v6.00 or higher.  (This is included in the G4MS download).

Please see this page for instructions on determining your version of any of these products that may already be installed.

  1. Download and install G4MS (
  2. Apply temporary keys for the G4MS, G4MSMAIL and GETURI. If you don't currently have the MAILTOOL Product registered, also apply a key for that.  You can get temporary keys by using the Quick Key feature on the website.

  3. Use the G4MS Register Service (G4MSREGSVC) command to register your Office 365 email address to be used with the G4MSMAIL service.    For the ID, enter your Office 365 Email Address.  For the service, enter *OFFICE365SMTP.  Click here for a short video showing this process.

    G4MSREGSVC ID('<youroffice365emailaddress') SERVICE('*OFFICE365SMTP')
  4. Follow the instructions shown on the green screen.  You will click a link (or copy and paste it if our emulator doesn't make hot link out of it) and be brought to the BVSTools web page and asked to click a link to begin the OAuth 2.0 authentication process.  This will be similar to those sites that let you "sign up with your Google/Facebook/etc" account.  When this is done, you'll return to our website where an authorization code will be displayed.  Don't worry, you won't need to do anything with this.  This is just to make sure things worked ok. 
  5. Return to the Green Screen where you're running the G4MSREGSVC command and press F6.  This will then complete the registration for the ID.  For any other Microsoft Office 365 IDs you wish to register, just follow steps 4-6 for each one.
  6. Now, make sure both MAILTOOL and G4MS are in your library list and run MAILTOOL to send a sample email.  Make sure the "From" address is an account that you have registered.  Everything should be what you're used to except you need to specify *G4MSMAIL for the SENDWITH parameter (press F9 while prompting the MAILTOOL command to see all the parameters).  Here is an example of the command:

    SUBJECT('Test Email')
    MESSAGE('This is a test using Office 365 and my IBM i')

    The default for the SENDWITH parameter is *IBMSMTP.  Specifying *G4MSMAIL says to use the G4MSMAIL addon.  Once complete and successful, the email you sent should even appear in your "sent" folder.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions by visiting the BVSTools Contacts page.

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