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Creating the App using Canvas


Creating the App using Canvas

Creating the App using Canvas

When you first log on to your Canvas account, you are given a few templates to work with.  Because our form was quite simple, we chose to start from scratch.

Selecting the MyApps link will list any apps you have created and that are provided by default.  You have the option to edit apps, or create a new one.

You'll notice in the app list there is a version associated with each one.  This idea of versioning is quite useful in case you mess up during an edit and need to revert to an older version.

When we enter the editor we are given a WYSIWYG interface that allows you to create "screens", add items to each screen, as well as work with the flow of each app (ie, which order the screens will appear).

Each item on each screen can be text, numeric, date, or even calculated.  Each field can also be set to a default value in the app itself as well as have it's value set when you initiate the creation of an app to be sent to a user.  

In this example we will send a dispatch to a technician.  The dispatch will include the address of the customer and also allow them to use their mobile device's GPS system to get them there.  Obviously the address will be different for each dispatch and that value can be set when the dispatch is created, which we will see more of later.

As you can see, the tools provided by Canvas make things very easy to create and update. 

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