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Receiving the Dispatch on the Mobile Device


Receiving the Dispatch on the Mobile Device

Receiving the Dispatch on the Mobile Device

Once the dispatch is sent to a user they will receive a notification on their device that a new item is available.

Then can click on the notification or the Canvas app itself to see the new dispatches that are ready for them to act on.

We see here by the icon next to the work ticket that this one is new and needs to be completed.

When the user clicks on the ticket, it is opened with the default values that were sent in the XML POST in the previous step.

The user will then go through each screen and fill out the information.  This particular design allows them to enter multiple details lines for parts used as well as time spent on each job.

Finally, when they are done they present the device to the end customer to get a signature saying that the work has been completed.

The customers signature is then captured.

When everything is done, the information is submitted back to Canvas and made available for our application to retrieve any data, including images and signatures.

As of this writing there really isn't a way to trigger our server to tell us that a dispatch has been completed, but according the support at Canvas it is something they are looking into.


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